Area School Websites

Education is important factor in determining location of your new home.  As a former educator,  I believe that each  family needs to find the suitable school district for the education of their children.  The quality of the academic, sports and fine arts programs in a school district does  also affect the value property values.  Be savy about the needs of your children and the quality  levels of the school districts in Mr Lincoln's  community. I have prepared below a list of websites which will help you with your  search for the correct school district.  Then I wil be happy to provide you my professional expertise in finding you the correct home in that distirct.

Public Springfield Schools

Springfield Public School District 186

Springfield Private Schools

Colleges, and Universities,

Lincoln Land Community College


Robert Morris College

University of Illinois at Springfield

SIU School of Medicine

Area  Public Schools

Athens School District

Auburn School District

Chatham School District

New Berlin School District

Pawnee School District

Petersburg Porta School District

Pleasant Plains School District

Riverton School District

Rochester School District

Tri-City School District

Williamsville School District